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Top 5 best English books of all time should read

English today has become a popular language all over the world and is a great tool for acquiring knowledge. If you have good English skills, you are lucky because you can enjoy literary works in English and fully feel what the author wants to convey. Please refer to the suggestions of the 5 best English books of all time to read in the article below!

Harry Potter

Needless to say, the Harry Potter series was one of the most popular story collections in the 2000s and continues to attract young people up to this point. Not only was it successful in paper books, but it was also adapted into a movie on the screen and was equally famous. The series includes 7 parts about the adventures of the wizard boy Harry Potter and his two companions in the wizarding school such as Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger.

The book series has been reprinted continuously for many years, and most of the young people who loved this series in the past are now parents. If in the past we had to wait for the release of the Vietnamese translation, now the English version has been published quite widely for readers. Now you can immerse yourself in the pages of the book passionately without the language barrier, you can even deepen your understanding and go on an adventure all over again.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a wonderful 1943 philosophical story that made French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery famous around the world. The Little Prince is a classic story that appeals equally to children and adults. To date, it has been translated into 301 languages.

In terms of content, it is the story of the pilot’s discovery in the desert and then when he got stuck here, he met a boy from another planet – The Little Prince – and the story of this boy’s intergalactic travel.

“The Little Prince” contains the thoughts and lessons of a boy who goes out for the first time and discovers things around him, things that are far from his imagination. The world around us is not simple, it is full of confusion, and danger. The book contains profound moral thinking, helping us better understand the value of people, friendship, and love. The beauty of the desert and the belief in hope are also well depicted in many details.

Children love “The Little Prince” because the book is short, the words are simple, and there are many eye-catching illustrations. Adults love “The Little Prince” because the book makes them realize many lessons that are simple but often forgotten.

Les Misérable

Les Miserables (French: Les Miserable) is a famous and classic work of great writer Victor Hugo. The work was born in the 19th century and depicted the historical context of France in the first decades of this century.

The novel follows the life and journey of ex-convict Jean Valjean, full of enchantment and experiences. The work consists of interwoven stories, but the core still revolves around the former prisoner; he wishes to rebuild a good life but cannot get rid of the dark stains of life and his prejudices. French society at that time. The book was reprinted many times and was even adapted into a play to reach a wider audience. Author Victor Hugo himself strongly believed that this would be the most famous work of his writing career, and it was. Let’s experience the emotions by reading this work.

Gone with the Wind

It seems that in the civil wars that caused a lot of damage and affected people, the love story of the couple was born and how much more precious it was. Since the years of the last century, this love theme has been successfully expressed in the work Gone With the Wind, and in recent years, this story has also been re-enacted through Korean films.

The novel was written by female author Margaret Mitchell, and published in 1936. The work has a strong appeal to young Americans and is still one of the typical novels of all time. The content revolves around the beautiful love story of the boy Rhett Butler and the girl Scarlett O’Hara during the civil war of two South – North America (Georgia and Atlanta). You will surely be immersed in the magical emotions of love and understand the moods and plight of people in the post-war era. Beyond the love of the couple, the author also integrates the message of love for the motherland and country. The characters are portrayed, and the logical story will lead the reader to many different emotions.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

Considered one of the bedside books of many young people and adults alike. Dac Nhan Tam or English name is How To Win Friends & Influence People is always a recommended book to read at least once in your life. This “self-help” book is always on the top of the list but is the best book of all time not only in the US but also in other countries around the world.

The book is written by author Dale Carnegie – a man with a great ability to behave and communicate. The content of the book consists of 6 parts and many different chapters. Through each story, the author will summarize and help readers understand how to behave, how to treat people to suit people, and most importantly, if you want to change someone, you must first understand and change politics. me. Always learn to smile, not criticize, criticize, and always look at the positive side of others. The book has changed a lot of people’s thinking and way of life after experiencing it.

Link for download Harry Potter: https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/3343892/3b05b3 

Link for download The Little Prince: https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/1263945/02e27d 

Link for download Les Miserables: https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/1312320/cb75ec 

Link for download Gone With The Wind: https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/828132/910661 

Link for download  How To Win Friends & Influence People: https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/1614377/a5842b 

Reviewed By: Le Thi Tuyet Duy

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