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A good presentation will engage the audience. However, not everyone can “seduce” the listener. Here are some tips for a successful presentation.

1.Take ownership of your presentation

Always remember that, no matter what topic you give a presentation on, you must be the one who understands, is the most enthusiastic, the most pressing about that issue. So, grasp the structure of the presentation, organize it in a simple, logical, complete but not wordy way. Make your presentations short and rewarding with a clear layout and professional, logical lead. You can refer to the usual structure of the presentation as follows:

  • Introduce yourself and summarize your presentation:

Make your greetings short, professional, and inspiring. According to scientific research, you only have about the first 15 seconds to impress your audience, so use these 15 seconds to showcase the energy and appeal of your subject. Remember to briefly state your topic, scope, goals, and expected duration. You can entice your audience with the benefit of that after listening to the presentation to make them more engaged. The next introduction should include your name, your position, and why you will be speaking on the topic. The more impression and credibility you can create from the very first sentence, the more attention will be paid to the listener.

  • Present the main content of the presentation

This is the important part with the most necessary information. Arrange the ideas in this body of content chronologically or by importance.

  • How to end an impressive presentation

Usually, at the end, you need to summarize the main content, reaffirm the interests of the audience after receiving the information of the presentation. You can then thank the listener and get the listener to “take action” – taking action on the information they receive. The most common way to end a presentation is Q & A. However, you can also invite your audience to ask questions right in your presentation.

Another way to end a presentation is with a “memorable quote”

2. Practice

All speakers need a lot of practice to deliver an engaging, professional, and inspiring presentation. So, write down the main ideas, presentation structure, sentence structure, even key words on paper and repeat them in front of a mirror. You should also practice with your English teacher. Do this before class. If there is an opportunity to practice speaking at community events and activities, do not hesitate to participate. These will be great opportunities for you to hone your English presentation skills effectively.

3. Use simple, familiar patterns you use often

Do not try to use difficult words, rare words, vocabulary or complex sentence patterns as in tests, movies, or literature. Choose short, common, easy-to-understand words to express your ideas to a wide range of people.

4. Let’s interact

Add life and vibrancy to your presentation by making eye contact, smiling, hand gestures, or asking questions. Do not speak too quickly, at length, flaunting knowledge. Keep your presentation coherent, fun, enthusiastic, and energetic.

In short, I hope the tips I have shared above will help you to have a good preparation and planning for your presentation. Be confident and do well in your presentation. Have a good presentation!

Written by Bich Ngan

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