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1/ Talking Alone – Monologue

Use your alone time to learn new words and talk to yourself on a topic related to the words you want to learn. This way you will learn vocabulary quickly, easily absorb and remember the word for a long time.

2/ Learn English by singing Karaoke

This way of learning helps you pronounce words correctly and helps you remember new words. In addition, it also helps you learn more about how to use words and unique sentence patterns learned in the song. When singing, pay attention to new vocabulary, and unique sentence structures. Write down the meaning and usage on a piece of paper and stick it where you see it often. From doing that, each time you see them, you can read and memorize them yourself.

3/ Remember the lines when watching movies

Read along with the character’s lines in your favorite scenes. Follow the characters in the most natural way. This will be a way to help you acquire native intonation, expand your vocabulary, and learn more slang and proverbs from your country and foreign ones as well. The experience of learning English through movies will bring entertainment and relieve stress and boredom while studying. Therefore, you will also absorb knowledge more easily.

4/ Join an online English learning forums


This will be the place where you can practice your English writing and communication skills. Participate in the exchange of information, debates, and suggestions on an issue you care about. Let’s prolong the conversation and create useful information to attract interaction from other friends. Answering other friends’ comments is a great way to practice English.

5/ Watch English videos related to your interests

Watching English videos on Youtube is a good way to learn English to communicate, to familiarize yourself with conversational English, and to increase your listening comprehension. Especially talk shows, news interviews, review programs about your favorite field, etc. If you like movies, you can watch interviews with your favorite actors and actresses.

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