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By Do Nhung

Grammar is an important key to learning English well. It is also one of the dilemmas of many students today, it is difficult to learn and remember long, complex structures. And to conquer this “dry” knowledge, the book “Mind Map English grammar” is the best choice. The book “Mind map English Grammar” helps you learn English based on the world-famous memorization method – Mind Map.

This method was developed in the late 90s (of the 20th century) by Tony Burgan. Mind mapping is known as a “universal tool for the brain” – a method of presenting ideas and knowledge with keywords, images, and colors, helping the brain maximize its recording ability. mind. This method is currently being used by more than 250 million people around the world and has been bringing real effects, especially in the field of education. And with the advantages of the above book, the book “Mindmap English Grammar” has provided a full system of knowledge about grammar in the form of a mind map concisely and vividly.

The book “Mindmap English Grammar” will help you re-systematize the basic and most important grammar points, and there are illustrated examples to be able to understand the content of the lesson. In addition, the book is also decorated with eye-catching and diverse colors, thereby making your English learning more interesting.

Try to find out and read it, friends!😊😊

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 Reviewed by: Huynh Thi Thuy Hang

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