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Currently, we are living and working in the era of integration. Therefore, English has played an important role in supporting work and life and helping people to be more successful. Besides, people do not have time to go to centers to attend English classes, partly due to family busyness. It is also very good to find good books to help us in the learning process. Not to mention the book Basic Tactics for Listening.

Basic Tactics for Listening is for beginners or beginners to practice more to understand basic conversations. This book will help you practice listening to acquire a variety of skills: the ability to listen for keywords, listen for details and hear the main idea, listen and reason, guess the speaker’s attitude, the ability to listen to questions and respond to, record, and identify information.

Basic, Extended, and Advanced, for those who want to improve their English language skills. The book provides listening lessons on many different topics, helping to improve listening skills in many different communication situations. The book series consists of three books corresponding to three levels: Basic (Basic), Expanding (developing) and advanced (expanding). Basic Tactics for Listening includes 24 English listening lessons with important topics in life such as asking names, describing people, buying goods, sports, work, eating, traveling… Listening helps you hear keywords, grasp details and main ideas in a conversation, and be able to answer questions…

I believe that the Basic Tactics for Listening book helps you arouse your passion and enthusiasm for English. The book is good and useful knowledge and skills for your reference to help you succeed on your way choose.

Book Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tUy1uxTrrdIFIAY_yrtOne0YMNdm5g5s

Good luck!

Reviewed by: Nguyen Thi Quynh Huong

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