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by R.J.Palacio

“Wonder” is a great and inspirational book for many generations. The main story is about a 10 years old boy named August Pullman (or Auggie) who, unlike other 5th graders, has a rare facial deformity which is called mandibular osteodystrophy, which is also commonly known as Treacher Collins syndrome and cleft palate.

 The peaceful life of the Pullmans began to turn upside down when the family decided to send him to school. Since then, he had to live in complexity because he was always teased by his friends, but thanks to the love and support from family and friends, he was able to face and overcome difficulties at school. Despite going through many disadvantages, little August still maintains an optimistic and loving attitude. Moreover, another aspect of the story also shows how people around accept and help a 10-year-old child with a disability, which leads to important messages about love, friendship, solidarity, and acceptance. 

“Wonder” left an unforgettable impression and I’m sure this is my answer to the question “Which books should everyone read?”.

You can read Wonder here: https://englishcreek.weebly.com/uploads/6/9/7/2/6972564/g6_wonder_-_790l.pdf

Reviewed By Tran Duc Duy

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