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by Ernest Miller Hemingway

In life, everyone must have encountered difficulties, failures, and gradually lost faith in their life. The failures in the life of each person are the same as they can not. We must know how to stand up after falling,  ‘‘fail’ is the mother of success ”. That’s what I read in the novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea”. “The Old Man and the Sea’’ is a short novel written by American writer Ernest Miller Hemingway.

    The content of the novel is about old man Santiago – an old fisherman who loves nature and his work. During his 84 days at sea, old man Santiago did not catch a single fish. Thinking that his story would end from then until the 85th day, the old man saw a fish that made a lot of money. After a brave and hard fight, the fish was injured. On the fish brought ashore, he had to fight with the ferocious sharks to keep the fish but could not. Although by the time he reached the shore, his swordfish was only a skeleton, he still dreamed of his youth with the sound of the waves, the sea, and the lions.

Mutual trust alone gives strength to overcome challenges, overcome dangers. Humans are the same to be able to defeat themselves over their opponents, to fight strongly against difficulties, the strength of faith and will is really important. It’s amazing to strongly suggest and never give up hope, deciding that ‘’ man can be destroyed but not defeated ‘’.

 A short novel that has a lot of meanings, you should read this book!!!

Links for download: https://www.booksdrive.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/oldmansea.pdf

Reviewed By Huynh Thi Thuy Hang

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