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By Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Living in a world full of chaos and worries, people have gradually disregarded emotions and pursued a pragmatic lifestyle. They almost forget about the dreams of their childhood but always force themselves to grow up faster. Now, we have the opportunity to remember our childhood dreams through the gentle but extremely attractive words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in the famous novel “The Little Prince”.

The story begins with the unexpected meeting of a crashed pilot and a boy from another planet. The boy told about his adventures on the planets and about the rose on his planet. He was disappointed when he found out that his rose was not as unique as he thought it would be. Then he met a fox, it advised him to love my rose and find meaning in his life. The Little Prince lives on a small planet named B612. There are three volcanoes and a rose. He takes care of his asteroid every day and loves it dearly. One day, the Little Prince left his planet to explore several other planets, each inhabited by an adult who is considered odd in his understanding, If adults see children as naive and stupid, children find adults confusing and complicated. “Adults never understand anything on their own, and children always, always have to explain to you”. 

Each adult represents a type of person and an “adult” personality in our life, there is a king who always follows the rules, a braggart who listens to nothing but compliments, and an alcoholic who only drinks because he feels ashamed of being drunk, a businessman who always busy counting stars that he assumes his, a lamb lighter who sticks to his orders, a geographer who never leaves his planet but only drawing maps. We laughed at the stupidity of those strange people and then suddenly realized why it looked so familiar. It can be said that the Little Prince is a subtle yet profound reminder. People are so complicated. It seems that these “odd” people all have the characteristics of today’s society. Only when the Little Prince goes through those planets to understand what our actions and thoughts are like. Resentment, lack of sympathy, and attachment only make people separate. From there, the work expresses the meaning of existence and the desire for people with more open hearts.

You can read Little Prince here: https://www.angelfire.com/hi/littleprince/frames.html

Reviewed By: Tran Duc Duy

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