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The Alchemist

by Paulo Coelho

In our life, the journey to pursue a dream is never strewn with flowers, to go to the end, you must be determined to venture into foreign lands, and accept trade-offs and sacrifices, everything is possible makes you feel scared. The bigger your fear, the bigger the barrier will be. Boldly get out of your “shell”, and you will receive the best. When you stumble, don’t give up, but listen to your heart because it knows all the answers you’re looking for.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a good book for those who have lost their dream or never had it. If you are looking for books to read for success, The Alchemist is well-worth it. How to be successful: success in thought and action

The book also makes you realize the value of finding happiness in the simple things in life. Love is like a miracle, a beautiful love can give you strength when you fall, cherish such feelings. Living is for the present, not for the past or the future, when you live to the fullest, the world around you will be filled with meaning and hope. 

If you need a book to heal your soul, try to find and read this book. I will leave the link to it below for you. <3

You can read this book here:  https://websach.com/the-alchemist-nha-gia-kim/ 


Reviewed By Doan Thu Trang

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